A marketing argument or reality ?


Early studies conducted by Dr. Wolverton from NASA can be consolidated with those conducted worldwide according to countries’ independent programs. And the result all converge to the same conclusion: Plants purify air of confined spaces. This indoor pollution called “sick building syndrome” or “bad building syndrome”, is characterized by toxic product’s fumes emerging from building materials. Please bear in mind that an injection of these toxic products within an enclosed space filled with only green plant is reduced by 80 % in 24 hours thanks to the purifying action of plants.


In our offices, the problem is enormous because the polluted atmosphere stagnates in air conditioning’s closed circuits

Interior landscaping considered as more of a luxury, becomes nowadays a biological necessity combining beauty and utility.


Companies that have chosen green investment can testify:

- Valorisation of the brand’s image

- Significant improvement in the well being of their employees resulting in:

- Une Less stress and fatigue

- Une Better creativity

- The observation of lower absenteeism

- A clear decrease of chronic disorders (respiratory problems, itchy eyes, skin irritations…)


Not all plants are having the same effect, so please, for professional advice, call a interior landscaping.


Top 10 of Purifying plants for offices


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